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Thomas Fraker, President, Colorado Elks Association
Thomas Fraker, President
Colorado Elks Association
January 1, 2015!  It marks the beginning of a new year and many resolutions will be made.  What are your New Year's resolutions?  Is it just one or many?  Whether you are an Elk reading this article or a causal visitor, make a resolution to help a friend or neighbor.  Make a resolution to salute a Veteran or volunteer an hour in your community.  It is much easier for some of us Elks.  Elks naturally volunteer in their community and give every ounce of energy to making their communities better!  THANK YOU!  I am Proud to be an Elk!

For our lodges across the nation we are entering the final quarter of what I hope was a great fraternal year. A new slate of officers should be on the horizon and eager to improve on the past. As you do so, rededicate your lodge to increasing membership and in doing so your lodge activities will increase and so will your involvement in the community. With increased community involvement we will naturally fulfill Grand Exalted Ruler John Amen's motto – "ELKS: ELEVATING AMERICA".

If you are a casual visitor and wondering what or better yet who the Colorado Elks Association is, I ask that you take some time to look at the various articles and pictures of our involved members. We are present in many communities across this great State. Are you interested in becoming an Elk? Just go to www.elks.org and click on the link: "Who Are the Elks". After filling out the handy entry form a representative from the lodge nearest you will make contact.

Finally, I learned a valuable lesson last month. When you think you know a person you just might not. I attended a recent funeral of an Elk and heard many great achievements in his life. Was he shy and didn't want to talk about it OR did I not take the time to?

Stay warm, be safe and be a responsible caring person in your lodge and your community.

Thomas Fraker, President
Colorado Elks Association
Colorado Elks Want +1!
We are counting on Colorado to help
lead the nation with a membership increase.

To reach +1, Colorado's magic number stands at 851
as of January 15, 2015.

Every delinquent Member we collect from and every New Member initiated/reinstated takes us one step closer to a gain in membership.

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Date Posted:  Sunday, November 16, 2014
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Colorado's Own John D. Amen is the 2014-2015 Grand Exalted Ruler.Colorado's Own John D. Amen is the 2014 - 2015 Grand Exalted Ruler.

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Laradon has been the State Major Project of the Colorado Elks Association since 1950.

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President's Call to Service Award (Rifle 2195), Saturday, March 29, 2014
President's Call to Service Award (Rifle 2195), Saturday, March 29, 2014:  Mary Romero,  Drug Awareness  Chair for the Mountain District; Recipients:  Nancy Bayne, Pamela Harlin-Bishop, Scott Bennett, Traci Beck Bennett (All Members of Rifle No. 2195); Tommy Lee Chambers, PDDGER, CEA Drug Awareness Chair.  This award is presented to individuals with over 4,000 volunteer service hours to their community.Launch This Photo Gallery (1 Photo)
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The Elks have joined forces with Donate Life America to increase donations of organs, eyes and life-saving tissue.

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